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The key is your credit score.

This site is dedicated to educating consumers and business owners on the changing lanscape of credit and provides many resources for financial success.

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Some Reasons Why You Want Good Credit

  • Every purchase you finance is significantly more expensive with bad credit
  • Bad Credit can hamper your ability to buy a home or even rent an apartment.
  • Bad credit will put limits on your credit cards and even lower existing limits.
  • Bad Credit can prevent you from getting a credit card or a loan. Bad Credit can make your auto insurance significantly more expensive.
  • 60% of employers pull a credit report before offering employment.

Learning about credit, knowing your credit score, reviewing your credit report, personal goal setting, budgeting and solid financial planning sounds like a big task. It’s easier than you might think. We hope this site will provide you with some helpful information and good common sense suggestions to assist you in learning ways to build a successful financial present and future.

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The U.S. Government has a great site that incorporates all types of information on financial matters including student loans, social security, budgeting and much more. It is www.mymoney.gov.

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